Financial and retirement planning services are key to helping you attract and maintain quality employees.

Offering your employees financial and retirement planning education is good business. It builds goodwill, increases productivity and motivates them to achieve the most from their benefits.

Envoy Plan Services can implement an employee training program that targets your needs. We offer a complete range of workshops and seminars to complement your existing formats, including in-service days, to keep your employees informed and equipped with the tools they need to plan for the future. We also take care of the questions your employees have about their retirement plans every day, with our toll-free telephone and e-mail hotline services.

Envoy educates and serves your employees, so you can focus on educating students.

Employee Education and Communication:

  • Orientation of new employees to their employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Offering financial and retirement planning workshops
    • Retirement Benefits Overview of employer, state and Social Security benefits
    • Strategies to maximize retirement income and individual savings
  • Preparation of participant notifications of contribution limits, catch-up opportunities, and procedural changes
  • Establishing a customized web site with employee self-service for forms and procedures
  • Operating a toll-free employee benefit question and answer hotline
  • Notification of vendor revocation and redirected contributions

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