Envoy Plan Services expands your resources.

Finding the time to administer employee retirement plans - and ensuring that they are handled according to complex rules - present another headache you don't need. Envoy Plan Services can relieve you of 98% of the workload you and your staff currently perform for 403(b) tax sheltered annuity and 457 deferred compensation plans sponsored by your organization. No other company offers all the services you need in one comprehensive package.

Operational and Administrative Services:

  • Establish Plan Document and related forms and procedures
  • Determination of employee eligibility and participant enrollment
  • Processing of salary reduction agreements
  • Providing common remitting services to all registered providers, normally within one business day
  • Handling of loans, transfers, rollovers and distributions
  • Maintaining plan records
  • Resolution of all payroll and remittance problems directly with providers

See how Envoy can help you:

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